Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today was the day! Trips to the vet. Trips to the United States Dept. of Agriculture 5 hours away. And now Hedi (Hediye)'s trip from Dallas to Frankfurt -- and on the Namibia and the Cheetah Conservation program. That's a trip of 10,000 miles. That's a long, long road, but Hedi is ready.

Last night there was a final romp in the pasture with mom and sibs (photos by Nancy Rix and Drew). The goats had already gone to the barn for grain.

Wednesday morning, there was a first and final bath before she was loaded in her crate, but Hedi wasn't alone. Dad Davut traveled with her as Nancy and Tamara drove to meet Donna Erickson, her escort to the Cheetah Conservation facilities, Paula Martin, U.S. Executive Assistant and Outreach Coordinator for CCF, Will Taylor, and compadre photographer Drew. Hedi and Davut attracted a lot of attention at the American Airlines International ticketing area.

One older traveler approached the group to see what was going on and told Nancy that he was leaving his Westie at home and already missed him. She suggested that he just needed to pat a dog -- he agreed and did. Davut got his head patted and scratched.

Once inside, Donna, who once flew with Flying Tigers and told us tales of hauling live whales, carefully marked Hedi's crate. Nancy, Tamara, and Paula looked on. Donna and Hedi will meet up after their non-stop flight to Frankfurt, where Hedi will be free to exercise in the airport "Dog Lounge," a special kennel facility with a resident veterinarian. After a long layover, they will board an Air Namibia flight to their final destination.

How is Hedi taking this? If her behavior is true to Kangal Dog disposition, she will take it all in stride.

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kammesenin said...

B-E-A-Utifull dog, I know this post has almost 2 years, but its something that it had to be said.

Sadly there are no Kangal dogs in my country, otherwise it would already be part of my family.