Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Davut x Raki litter are now up and active. Scroll down to see their beginning. They accompany their mom, Raki, around the perimeter (puppy proof fencing) and spend time on their own meeting the goats and chickens that share their "pasture."

While several of the pups are going to companion homes where they won't be expected to live 24/7 with livestock like they would here, everyone gets the same experience. This pup appears to be watching these yearling Saanens with great composure -- ignoring their curiousity over such a SMALL guard dog!

This puppy is Turkmen Hediye (gift). She is going to the Cheetah Conservation Fund farm in Namibia, Africa, where she will be an important addition to their Kangal Dog breeding program. The CCF were using U.S. Anatolians but after receiving a donation of two Kangal Dogs from Turkey and learning more about the Turkish classification of their own native dog breeds, CCF is now focusing on pure Kangal Dogs.
This is another shot of Hedi. Her tail may well end up like her father's distinctive tight double curl!

Her brother, to the right, is a pretty serious fellow. He will be co-owned with the Malone Ranch, where Zara (pictured below with Dost) has been successful in stopping rural dog attacks on the Malone Angus during calving times. While the Malones were reluctant to turn Zara out by herself to protect the mother cow herd, the loss of two registered calves gave them little choice. Within a few months, this male pup will be large enough to provide formidable backup to Zara, however.

This is our March 2009 litter at about 10 days of age. Sired by Davut (Ch. Turkmen Davut Bey) and out of Ch. Turkmen Raki, one of our last Ch. SVF Kaptan of Turkmen offspring, these pups have depth and breadth of pedigree. They have some of the most consistent pure Turkish lines available in the breed today. .
It's exciting to watch a litter develop, particularly when you can remember watching parents and grandparents at the same stages. At four weeks the pups are beginning to be mobile and will venture out of the nest. In fact, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . Hey! somebody's missing!

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