Monday, October 02, 2006

Taylor Farms and Turkmen Kangal Dogs
In the late 70s we, my husband and I, moved to the country and began a family. A milk cow, some chickens, then some goats and some geese were all a part of our life. Then when we both began working off the farm and being gone all day, we found that maurading dogs -- and ocassional coyotes -- were a threat to our animals.

In time, our veterinarian talked us into finding an Akbash Dog. Then a Turkish friend told us that we needed "the famous dog of Turkey" and asked if we would accept a Kangal Dog if he brought us one as a gift. We said yes, and he did, and we did. That was in 1988, and we have had Kangal Dogs ever since.

Livestock guard dogs are as unique as herding dogs are. We use both and are continually amazed by both. The purpose of this blog is to share some of our ongoing experiences with the Turkish livestock guardians -- and those of our less communicative owners and fellow Kangal Dog enthusiasts!

Now the question is: Where should we start?


Alison Clement said...

Nice site!

Nancy & Alex said...

Nice site Tamara! We love to hear the stories and see pics of the Kangals and families.